osu skinner is a hub for osu! community to create, discover and share their skin elements for making incredible osu! skins. Also known as osu! Skin Generator. By using this tool you can make your own skin from scratch or if you would like you can modify parts of an existing skin.

The site updates are also accessible through our offical thread on osu! and social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. If you would like more information about osu!skinner or you have something to say or ask please contact us here.

Who made this thing?

  • Founder of osu Skin Generator. Think, designed and code this whole thing with love.
  • ShortyCo founder. A true codemaster, Helped in PHP, MySQL, apache, ideas and motivation. My best friend!
  • She helped with English. One of the nicest people in the osu! community I ever met!
  • The domain name (osu!skinner) was a his idea. Also he helped with SEO and many more developer things.
  • Helped with JavaScript. He solved one of the most important issue about download.
  • Helped with JavaScript. He is the founder of osustuff.org If you would like to generate a custom avatar or profile banner take a look.

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